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ATAC XC 8 Pedalset - Black

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The XC 8 is the pedal preferred by competitive riders as it features the lightness of a carbon body with the durability of a hollow steel axle, as well as tension adjustment.

TIME's exclusive easy of entry and open design automatically clears debris each time you step in, which ensures that the pedal functions consistently in all conditions.

Getting into your pedals is simple and speedy, thanks to ATAC Technology’s wide-angle step-in design. ATAC allows for a wide angle of step-in for positive engagement that allows for natural foot movement. What’s more, a clean pedal is an efficient pedal. If only cleaning the rest of your bike was this easy: Each time you step in, ATAC clears away mud and debris as you step in.

  • Easy pedal engagement
  • Reliability at a value
  • Tension adjustment
  • Cleats included with all pedal purchases
  • Color (Pedal): Black/Red
  • Power Measurement: Not Compatible
  • Body Component: Carbon-Filled
  • Cleats: Atac Cleats
  • Pedal Stack Height: 19mm
  • Angular Freedom: N/A
  • Contact Surface Area: N/A
  • Distance Pedal Spindle / Crank Arm: 54mm
  • Lateral Freedom: 5mm
  • Release Angle: 10° With Atac Easy Cleats, 13 Or 17° With Atac Cleats
  • Tension: 3 Different Positions Of The Spring
  • Threading: 9/16 - 20 Inch
  • Accessories: Atac Cleats
  • Intended Use: XC, CX, Gravel
  • Bearings: Steel
  • Weight (G): 143
  • Weight Based On: Per Pedal
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