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Essential8 - Bike Multitool

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8 tools at 33 grams.

The smallest and lightest bike multitool with uncompromising functionality. Bits nested in bits. Simply flippable as needed. Held together by magnets.

With 33 grams and the form factor of an allen key, this tool is good to go. Even in your pants or jersey pocket. Corrosion resistant stainless steel and Swiss engineering quality make sure this crazy light weight multitool lasts for all your bike adventures.

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8 tools at 33 grams. 8 tools made of stainless steel in workshop quality for on the trail with only 33 grams weight.

Control your force. Screws are sensitive creatures. With the wrong torque they are either broken or too loosely tightened. With the two different lever lengths of our tool you can give each screw the required amount of love. Your screws will thank you with endless fun.

Use your force. Sometimes it just takes force. The Essential8 lets you use it, with top torque values that will test your hands.

Reach any screw. With a bulky multitool you cannot reach many screws on the bike properly. Result: worn screws or scratches on the frame. With the simple and slim form factor of our tool, you can get to any screw and tighten or loosen it the right way. That’s a promise!

8 in 1 - held by magnets. Magnets as bit retention make sure the nested bits stay put and guarantee an easy handling, even in dirty and wet conditions.

  • Functions: Hex 8 / Hex 6 / Hex 5 / Hex 4 / Hex 3 / Hex 2.5 / Hex 2 / Torx 25
  • Adapter bit 1: Hex 6 (with holder for small bit #1 / 4 mm)
  • Adapter bit 2: Hex 5 / Hex 3 (with holder for small bit #2 / 3 mm)
  • Small bit #1: Hex 4 / Torx 25
  • Small bit #2: Hex 2 / Hex 2.5
  • Weight: 33 grams
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Short lever length: 43 mm (with bits)
  • Long lever length: 93 mm (with bits)
  • Inscriptions: Laser engraving
  • Each bit can be used on both lever sides
  • Bits are held by Neodymium magnets
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