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SERVICE COURSE SL-70 XPLR Gravel Handlebar - Black

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The innovative all-round handlebar from Zipp, the Service Course SL 70 XPLR. The handlebar's abbreviation, XPLR (for Explore), illustrates the desire to explore the world on a road bike... from paved roads to gravel, mud, dirt and even singletrack.

The Service Course SL 70 XPLR helps you move faster by putting your body, starting with your hands, in an optimal comfort position for hours of riding. Modern riders demand a lot from their cockpit, whether they are doing a two-hour training ride from home or a 200-kilometre gravel adventure. Comfort, control and the ability to carry the essentials.

We met these requirements by creating a handlebar with a tightly curved and wide lower link, focusing specifically on two crucial factors: Outsweep and Flare. Outsweep refers to the flared ends of the handlebars. Flare, on the other hand, describes the inclination of the entire lower link to the side. On the Service Course SL 70 XPLR, the flare only starts below the handlebar bodies, which leaves the brake levers in their optimal, usual position.

  • Revised characteristic zip look
  • 70 mm reach and 115 mm drop allow for a comfortable grip position and a flat sprint position
  • 5°Flare and 11°Fall
  • Outsweep provide 6 cm more width at the bar ends- Ergonomic top bar with 3° backbend
  • Matt black nanoblast aluminium
  • Lifetime warranty
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