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CAVA Race Gravel Tyre, 650B - Grey

On Demand

We can fully agree with the founders of Ultradynamico when they declare: All things in life should not only be functional, but in addition beautiful. A motto lived for us in the Veletage. With Ultradynamico, the founders Pat and Ron want to enrich the tire market with its sea of monotonous and similar tire options with aesthetics and emozione. To quote Pat and Ron, "We design tires for the CONNOISSEUR."

This is evident not only in the thoughtful design, but also in the choice of Japan as the production location, where each tire is individually hand-built at Panaracer. The production quantity available worldwide is correspondingly small. Please note that due to the handwork on the one hand there may be slight color variations and on the other hand we can only offer a very limited number of pieces.

Choose between the gray RACE rubber compound, set off by pastel pink flanks and the always matching ROBUSTO rubber compound in black with flank protection.In addition, we offer two models per color: ROSÉ as a tire for wet, deep and CAVA for dry conditions. By the way, the two models have been matched and can be combined if necessary. ROSÉ at the front for maximum grip and CAVA at the rear for dynamic cornering and braking actions. And no, it is no coincidence that the tires were named after fine wines.

  • Gray tread / pastel pink flank rideable on road / gravel (Race-Gravel)
  • 20-30% more grip than slicks
  • 3D diamond tread for high puncture protectionexceptional high TPI of the carcass for long life
  • Tubeless compatible
  • Only for hardcore: high riding comfort by omission of flanks
  • designed for 25-35 PSI
  • 650B x 47.99mm
  • 490g
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