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Steilacoom TC Endurance 700c Cleated Tyre - Dark Brown

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With a width of 38mm, it is more voluminous than any other cross tyre on the market. This means that it is not UCI-compliant, but it promises a lot of fun! Professional cyclocross racers can use the most supple tubular tyres in the world to combine optimum grip with maximum speed - but until now there were no comparable clinchers that added this performance with extra width, volume and comfort.

The Steilacoom combines the ultra-smooth carcass of all René Herse tyres with a lug tread that has been specially optimised for muddy conditions and best rolling on the road. Away from fashion trends in tyre design, René Herse Cycles relies on a simple lug design for the Steilacoom: to prevent the tread from clogging up with mud, it is necessary to incorporate as few sharp edges as possible. The cleats of the Steilacoom have sharp edges only where it counts - for the transmission of pedal and brake forces (to the front and back) and the centrifugal forces when cornering (to both sides) - but the corners of the cleats are rounded to offer the mud as little adhesion surface as possible.

The relatively large lug spacing ensures that the tyre cleans itself quickly through rotation. On firm ground or asphalt, however, the Steilacoom - due to the staggered arrangement of the central lugs - rolls just as excellently as all other tyres from the Réne Herse portfolio.

  • Tubeless compatible
  • Endurance version approx. 440g
  • Robust, thanks to dense woven Extralight carcass
  • Additional puncture protection belt
Rene Herse
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