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Rene Herse

Juniper Ridge Endurance 650c Cleated Tyre - Dark Brown

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The Juniper Ridge TC is the long awaited lugged version of the 48mm wide René Herse Switchback Hill in 650B wheel size. The problem with many dual-purpose tyres is that the lugs are often too small and therefore too soft to deliver good results on the road - at the same time, they are often positioned so close together that the tread quickly clogs up off-road and performance drops here too.

For this reason, already on the first René Herse Cycles Knobby, the 700C x 38 mm Steilacoom TC, the lugs were made larger and more stable to prevent the lugs from bending sideways. They have been spaced further apart to improve self-cleaning in muddy terrain and also arranged in such a way that you always have the same amount of rubber as a contact surface on the ground - regardless of whether you ride straight ahead or lean into the corners. This gives you consistent grip in every situation.

The concept has worked perfectly with the Steilacoom: It rolls so well on the road that you can almost forget you're on lugged tyres - even if you can't help but hear it, as the lugs just start to "sing" on asphalt. Off-road - especially when conditions get damp and muddy - the comparatively large lugs guarantee the grip you need and the clever lug design and wide spacing ensure that the tread reliably cleans itself. You and a wheel get dirty, but your tread stays "clean" - just like a good CX tyre has to be!

  • Tubeless-ready
  • Weight: 500g (deviation possible, handmade tyre)
  • Endurance version with denser woven Extralight carcass and additional protection belt
Rene Herse
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