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Logo Race Mitt - Cloves - Black

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A cycling glove that feels almost like riding with your bare hands on the bars.

The Logo Race Mitts offers protection from chafing, abrasion and road rash if you crash.

The synthetic suede palm with no padding adds grip without sacrificing the tangible connection with your handlebars.

The light and minimalistic Logo Race Mitts are made from a nylon main fabric and with a synthetic suede palm surface.

  • Minimalistic race mitts
  • Synthetic suede palms add protection and grip
  • Nylon main fabric for stretch and durability
  • Pas Normal Studios branding
  • No padding
  • Made in Sri Lanka
  • Size information: Small (L 19 cm, C 21 cm) / Medium (L 20 cm, C 22 cm) / Large (L 21 cm, C 23 cm)
Pas Normal Studios
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