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Caffeine tastes bitter! In sports nutrition, this problem has been circumvented for ages by adding flavourings to sports nutrition containing caffeine. Or the caffeine content is simply lowered very far. Flavourings don't make you faster. And little caffeine does nothing.

Maurten was the first manufacturer to solve this problem in a sustainable way! Thanks to hydrogel technology, both caffeine and carbohydrates are encapsulated. The result is a gel that tastes neither bitter nor too sweet, contains the necessary amount of caffeine to boost performance. And provides sufficient energy.

  • ENERGY CONTENT: One GEL 100 CAF 100 contains 100mg of caffeine, the same as in about 1.5 cups of espresso. Like the GEL 100, it also contains 25g of carbohydrates. Free of flavourings, preservatives and colourings.

  • EXAMPLES OF USE ACCORDING TO COMPETITION OR TRAINING DURATION: < 1h: A cup of coffee a good hour before, 1 gel during warm-up. No further intake is necessary during exercise < 2h: One gel during warm-up, another within the first 30 minutes of exercise. Don't forget to think about energy intake too: 30-60g carbohydrates per hour. 2h - 6h: Approx. 200g of caffeine before the effort, e.g. a cup of coffee and a gel. After about 30 minutes of exertion, a first gel, then another every 2nd hour. But don't forget the carbohydrate intake beyond that.

  • Packaging unit: one box contains 12 sachets (portions)

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