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Extra battery (+210Wh)

On Demand

You want to make your e-bike with Mahle motor fit for the next bike tour and still need some range? With the additional battery, this is now easily possible.

With an additional 210Wh, you can easily supplement the battery installed in the frame to a total of 460Wh. Thanks to smart technology, your range increases by up to 70%. And this is how it works: As soon as you switch on the additional battery, it charges the battery installed in the bike - regardless of whether you are riding or taking a break. If you want to maximize your range while riding, make sure that you switch on the battery as soon as you start riding. The different charging voltages between the auxiliary battery - main battery - motor will help you achieve maximum range.

The auxiliary battery can be mounted like a bottle with bottle cage and can be left on the bike. To charge your bike you do not have to remove the battery - both can be charged in series. If you do want to remove the battery, you simply take it out of the holder, just like a water bottle.

Please note that only one additional battery can be used per bike.

  • Capacity: 208.8 Wh
  • Voltage: 36 V
  • Charging current: 1.9 A
  • Weight: 1,645 g (including bracket)
  • Color: black anodized
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