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eShifters - For The Handlebars

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Integration. Smart. Focus. Full control at a touch.

The eShifters are an eBike accessory developed by MAHLE with the aim of finding the most convenient and effective minimal remote to control the assistance level.

In the search for ergonomics and optimized integration, this new remote accessory unifies compactness and effectiveness.

Security is a top priority for MAHLE , which is why they developed the eShifters. The electric control button can be flexibly mounted anywhere on the handlebars, allowing the rider to adjust the amount of support without taking their hands off the curved handlebar.

Vibration Function. When the rider presses either the RIGHT or LEFT eShifter, the System will apply a vibration signal to feedback the rider selection.

Placement Versatility. eShifters can be placed on any handlebar (curved or flat), in different positions and with or without the rubber holder.

Haptic Feeling. In order to improve the rider experience, the eShifters provide a unique haptic feeling based on vibration patterns.

  • Convenience. Operate your eBike and change your assistance level without removing your hands from the handlebar.
  • Compatibility. Designed to fit all common handlebar tube dimensions from 24,2 to 31,8 mm
  • Smart control. Discrete buttons connected to the Head Unit that can control multiple operations including assistance level, lights and walk assist.
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