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STRIDE N Triathlon Saddle - Black

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The gebioMized Stride is the solution to the essential problems of triathletes and also time trialists - especially when it comes to the really long races - and of course the training for them. Because the Stride was not only developed to minimise the unloved "shifting", i.e. the continuous sliding forward and then actively setting back again. Thanks to its special shape, it also allows two different seating positions with the same adjustment. Long-distance triathletes in particular know how valuable this feature can be.

About the saddle shape: The golden mean of a large contact surface for more comfort and plenty of legroom for more aerodynamics - the gebioMized Stride hits it. The saddle, which is quite narrow in the middle, allows the pelvis to rotate strongly forwards and at the same time reduces the unloved saddle shifts mentioned at the beginning. Even in the aerodynamically optimised position, the athlete sits a little further back, which means a larger contact surface and greater comfort.

  • Material: Saddle shell: combination of carbon and nylon.
  • Padding: super-light foam in pressure-optimised hardness
  • Rails: Titanium
  • Dimension and weight: 254 x 130mm
  • approx. 260g
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