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SLEAK Cut-Out Saddle - Black

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The way to peak performance on the bike is through the saddle. More precisely, the gebioMized Sleak. Even though this saddle was specially developed with the male anatomy in mind, it has already convinced many a female cyclist with a rather narrow pelvis.

The cut-out version with a central recess offers pressure-sensitive riders complete relief in the centre of the saddle.

The Sleak comes in two different basic shapes for different seat types. The 145mm wide model has a tapered V-shape that reduces pubic pressure, which is particularly advantageous for riders with a large saddle-to-handlebar cantilever. The 135mm wide T-shape especially relieves the sit bones.

As the search for the perfectly fitting saddle is a very individual matter, we support you in word and deed in choosing the right saddle.

  • Material: Saddle shell: combination of carbon and nylon.
  • Padding: super-light foam in pressure-optimised hardness
  • Rails: Titanium
  • Dimension and weight: T-shape: 250 x 135mm / V-shape: 250 x 145 mm
  • approx. 210g
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