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SES AR road bike handlebar - black

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Road cycling has changed a lot in recent years. First came disc brakes, which made wider rims and wider tyres possible. In the final analysis, the gravel bike emerged. Extreme Gravel at one end, Allroad at the other. The bike for all roads, paved or unpaved, asphalted or gravelled.

ENVE designed the AR handlebar for this type of bike. Tested in the wind tunnel and aerodynamically optimised, therefore flattened at the top - the 2nd photo illustrates this well. The internal cable routing also contributes to better aerodynamics, but also ensures an aesthetically tidy cockpit. The slightly flared handlebars offer more control on difficult terrain, but also ensure that the brake and shift levers are never far from your hands.

  • Weight: 38cm - 243g | 40cm - 245g | 42cm - 248g | 44cm - 262g | 46cm - 280g
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