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Aero Road Stem - Black

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The rider's body accounts for 80-90% of the total air resistance. Thus, an optimised riding position can probably bring the greatest advantage. In addition, the shape of the stem and the possibility to do without spacers can ensure better airflow in the front area of the bike - in order to achieve further valuable air resistance advantages. Developed in collaboration with Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka, this stem also delivers the confidence-inspiring yet agile feel that the world's best cyclists crave.

ENVE's approach to aerodynamics has always been to find the best solution for the complete bike and rider system - because we know that aero performance is more than "just" a low drag reading in the wind tunnel. This mindset is reflected in our wheels, which are designed with drag reduction and stability in mind, so you can go as fast as possible on real roads and in realistic conditions - where it counts.

It is again evident in our groundbreaking SES Aero Road handlebar, whose speed advantage is rooted in the optimal riding position as much as in its aero design. And the SES Aero Road stem is the natural partner to this handlebar because it is based on the same design considerations. First we developed a design with a smaller frontal area, more favourable airflow and ultimately less drag.

Next, we found a surprisingly simple way to adjust the stem angle and fine-tune the length. The result is a lightweight stem that can be combined with any of our handlebars - and makes you FASTER.

  • An aerodynamically fine-tuned stem with adjustable length and angle
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