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Air Road - Tubeless Repair Kit - Black

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The kit is made for quick repair of a tubeless tyre: it saves time, a lot of time and gives you all the advantages of your tubeless tyres. With the help of a simple rubber plug with a brass tip that you insert into the hole of the tyre, you can easily repair damage that would otherwise put an end to your ride. Simply remove the foreign body that caused the air loss from the tyre, place the plug in the hole and press it in firmly, inflate with the CO2 cartridge - done! Without removing the tyre, without glue, without waiting time.

Damaged tubeless tyres can be repaired quickly and efficiently. From now on, time-consuming tyre repairs are a thing of the past!

  • 1x Dynaplug Air
  • 1x air hose with Presta adapter
  • 4x repair plugs with tip
  • 2x 16g CO2 cartridge
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