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DryFluid Bike

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Innovative high-end biker lubricant for chains, shifting systems and cables. Contains high-performance lubricating components from aviation and automotive technology. Binds neither dust nor dirt and increases chain performance enormously while significantly reducing wear. The high power efficiency due to extremely low sliding friction is sure to make your racing heart beat faster.

  • 50ml content
  • Dosing tip for precise application
  • Reduces the power loss of chains and shifting systems
  • Lowest sliding friction for smooth running and reduced wear
  • Multi-stage lubricant system with immediate and long-term lubricating effects
  • Does not bind dust and dirt
  • Extremely good creep properties
  • Highest material compatibility with all common metals, plastics and rubber materials
  • Excellent adhesion and corrosion protection properties

Application: The main effect of DryFluid Bike is to reduce the sliding coefficient and thus the loss of power due to friction. Repeated sparing application at the beginning increases the long-term effect. Clean parts to be treated well and shake DryFluid bottle well before application to mix the solid particles.

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