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MUSETTE / 01 - White

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MUSETTE / 01 is the evolution of the classic shoulder bag, which has long been used in road races, for the time-saving and temporary transport of food.

The quick shopping stop is a regular companion on unsupported bikepacking adventures and races and it is not uncommon for the result of an ultra race to be decided by the smart stopping strategy. In the shop, a large bag is an advantage, which you can then put on your shoulders so that you don't lose any time stowing it away.

MUSETTE / 01 has a large storage space, minimal weight, can be packed to a very small volume and can easily be attached the top tube for example.

Classic musettes slip back and forth when riding on the back and thus cause an imbalance on the bike - MUSETTE / 01 prevents this with an additional strap, which is hooked diagonally into the carrying strap. With this additional strap the bag sits centrally and stably on the back, even when heavily loaded with groceries.

  • Ultra-light: 42g. Save energy, get further, keep your bike dynamic and maximize your riding experience!
  • Spacious and compact: 5.1 liter volume (28cm x 34 cm). Only 10 x 6 x 2 cm when stowed.
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