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FIRST AID KIT / 01 is the first ultra-light first aid kit developed specifically for the needs of bikepackers.

The content, put together with emergency paramedics based on bike-specific requirements (including ointment compress and wound disinfectant), is packed in an extremely compact and ultra-light bag. A circumferential zip allows quick and clear access to the contents.

FIRST AID KIT / 01 fits perfectly in all CYCLITE bags and can be stored inside the bag per hook and loop fastener.

So that the set can be found quickly by helpers in an emergency, a corresponding sticker for the outside of the bag, is included.

FIRST AID KIT / 01 is the perfect addition to bikepacking equipment and should not be missing on any tour.

  • 1x rescue blanket
  • 1x wound dressing large
  • 1x wound dressing small
  • 1x gauze bandage
  • 1x ointment compress
  • 2x pair of disposable gloves
  • 4x plasters
  • 1x resuscitation breathing cloth
  • 1x wound disinfectant
  • Ultra-light: 192g
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