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OSPW RS Alpha - Derailleur Cage

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The OSPW RS Alpha derailleur cage is equipped with the patent-pending technical ADR - Active Debris Remover - which makes it virtually impossible for dirt to penetrate the bearing.

It consists of a new type of dust cover that is securely anchored in a groove in the derailleur pulley and thus completely encloses the bearing.

ADR was developed in a constant interplay between the R&D department, the CeramicSpeed test lab and field tests conducted by a select group of pro riders.

The ALPHA-Disc itself has a two-part construction. A separate, narrow and wide tooth profile made from a composite material that guarantees less wear and noise. And a solid aluminum disc that prevents external objects from getting stuck between the spokes of the sprocket, while adding strength and rigidity to the sprocket design.

What remains unchanged is the 40-60% lower frictional resistance compared to conventional derailleur cages and the resulting 3-5 watt power saving.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Low maintenance
  • Minimal friction
  • Patented bearing protection ADR - Anti Debris
  • Revised and reinforced cage
  • Composite tooth profile for reduced chain noise and longer durability
  • Weight: 101g
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