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Petra - Men Wind Vest - Dark Blue

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This extremely thin vest offers maximum protection and an ultimate in practicality. Stylish in dark blue, Petra matches any existing outfit and provides extra warmth when needed, when not, it stows effortlessly in the smallest pocket.

Petra is ideal for cloudy days and cold descents. The vest features a fully windproof and water repellent main section that covers both front and shoulders. The back section is entirely breathable and provides excellent temperature control. High stretch properties ensure a snug fit on the bike.

Made in a racing cut, the vest features a full-length zipper. Elasticated elastic at the hips provides extra stability and an opening allows quick access to jesey pockets. Also available in adapted cut for ladies!

  • 100% polyester
  • Extremely thin
  • Completely windproof
  • Breathable, stretchy back section
  • Access to pockets
  • Race Fit
  • Made in Europe
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