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Coline - Sleeveless undershirt - Beige

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Functional underwear has two functions in the cold season: To keep you warm and dry on the skin!

This shirt keeps you warm because it is so tightly woven on the outside that it does not let cold air from the outside so easily to your skin. Inside, the Air Channel Technology (ACT), at right angles to each other channels on the fluffy roughened inside , ensures that the heat produced by your body during activity can circulate well. This shirt keeps you dry because the recycled polyester used absorbs little moisture and therefore does not feel wet quickly.

Together with the body-hugging cut - race fit - the shirt meets all the requirements of a modern functional undershirt. The sleeveless version is particularly versatile and is also well suited for sports in which the upper body is more involved than in cycling: Running, outdoor or even in the gym as the top part - from fall to spring.

  • 96% polyester recycled, 6% Elastan
  • Race fit
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