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Curve Front Light 3 - Black

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Bookman offers with the Curve Rear Light 2 a rechargeable LED tail light that can come up with a brightness of up to 37 lumens and a continuous output of up to u 32 hours. impressive numbers, as we find. In addition, it is still quite easy to attach with an elastic silicone band, for example, on the seatpost.

The charge indicator and the on/off switch are both attached to the side and also act as a shooter for the silicone band. Hold the switch for 0.7 seconds to turn the light on or off. With a short click, you switch between the different functions.

If you set the light to full power, it shines with 37 lumens for about 2.5 hours. If you reduce the power a little or switch to flashing mode, the battery lasts for up to 32 hours. Charging time when the battery is fully discharged is only two hours and works via an included USB cable.

The design of the rear light allows it to radiate in a wide radius, making you more visible to cars coming from the side and other road users. Which contributes significantly to safety.

The light is fully weatherproof (standard IP-44) and works perfectly even in heavy rain.

  • LED: 1 x 1W Cree LED, 2 x 0.1W LED
  • Battery: 650 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Light Modes: 100% constant: 37 lumens for 2.5h 100% flashing: 37 lumens for 12h Eco constant: 15 lumens for 6,5h Eco flashing: 15 lumens for 32h Pulsing: 37 lumens for 10h
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