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Integrated stem handlebar - Black

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Of the three main touchpoints on a bike, perhaps the most important to get right is the cockpit. Not only is it what the rider feels and sees the entire ride, it also is one of the major leading edges of the bicycle, which can make a huge difference in the aerodynamics of the setup. The Black Inc Barstem integrated handlebar and stem provides huge aerodynamic advantages compared to a traditional round bar and separate stem setup, in addition to being exceptionally comfortable.

The fact that our Barstem is available in 19 different sizes means that it is practically a custom carbon cockpit for every rider. By choosing a carbon fiber specifically because it is exceptionally resistant to torsional forces while still offering a level of vertical compliance, the integrated Black Inc Barstem can withstand the burliest sprinting grips without allowing road vibrations to fatigue the hands and arms.

  • Weight 320 g (420 mm x 110 mm)
  • Material Carbon Fiber
  • Angle -6 degrees
  • Drop 120 mm
  • Reach 80 mm
  • Stack 42 mm
  • Flare (drop section) 3 degrees
  • Backsweep (top section) 2 degrees
  • Steerer diameter 1-1/8"
  • Finish UD matte and glossy
  • Internal Cable Routing Electronic and Disc Brake systems only
  • External Cable Routing Compatible with all systems
  • Accessories included Black Inc Computer Mount
Black Inc
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