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Integrated Aero Handlebar with Support - Black

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The Integrated Aero Barstem with Extensions takes the exceptional performance of the Integrated Aero Barstem and adds direct-mount aero extensions. It’s a cockpit of unrivalled speed and comfort that’s ready for everything from gravel racing to triathlon to bikepacking. The extensions are the same as used on the cutting-edge Hanzo TT bike. They can be removed in moments, leaving you with a super-fast and highly ergonomic barstem.

Aero. The Integrated Aero Barstem with Extensions allows you to achieve the most effective position possible, whether that’s all-out aero for a triathlon or a balance of comfort and efficiency for an ultra-distance event. The extensions themselves were developed for the Hanzo TT bike and provide an aero advantage compared to round poles by directing air around the forearms.

The drop bar shares its shape with the Integrated Aero Barstem, with a slippery airfoil top section to meet the clean airflow at the front of the bike. This 40mm-deep profile was selected following extensive testing in CFD and the wind tunnel, where it blew away the competition.

When you’re not running the extensions, the Integrated Aero Barstem with Extensions offers the next most effective position: tucked down with your hands on the horns of the hoods of your narrowly-spaced shifters, elbows and head down, forearms and back flat, frontal area minimized.

Ergonomics. The Integrated Aero Barstem with Extensions extensions can be cut at either end to create your perfect shape and length, and the arm pads can be tilted using Aerocoach angled spacers (available separately).

Like the Integrated Aero Barstem, every aspect of the drop bar is refined to maximise comfort and confidence. The tops sweep back at 3 degrees for a more natural wrist angle, the chamfered corners add wrist clearance when sprinting, and the mid-depth aero profile fits naturally when climbing on the tops, even for smaller hands. The upper radius of the drop is tightened to bring the brake lever approximately 5mm closer to the drop to account for the greater length of the latest Shimano and SRAM shifter bodies. This is the attention to detail that makes the difference.

The 7-degree flare in the drops adds 29mm of width versus the shifters. This carefully judged angle provides a narrow position on the hoods in typical road sizes and, for gravel use in a wider size, it gives confident control in the broader drops while keeping the shifters at an optimal angle.

Sizing for gravel and road use. The perfectly judged 7-degree flare, placing the drops 29mm wider than the hoods, is how the Integrated Aero Barstem with Extensions can pull double-duty as both a road and a gravel bar. For the road, size your bar at the drops and benefit from narrower hoods placing you in a more aero position; for gravel use, size your bar at the hoods and enjoy the added control of wider drops when the terrain demands it.

Compatibility and cable routing. Fully internal cable routing is supported for electronic and disc brake groupsets only.

Computer and accessory mounting. The Integrated Aero Barstem with Extensions features a GoPro-style computer mounting point. The included out-front mount places your computer in an ideal location for all riding positions, including on the extensions. The new mounting enables angle adjustment and provides a more supported second mount for a light or action camera.

  • Weight: 438 g (42 cm x 110 mm) excluding extension bars and accessories / 438 g + 432 g (TT parts) (42 cm x 110 mm) with extension bars and accessories
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Angle: -6°
  • Drop: 120 mm
  • Reach: 80 mm
  • Stack: 39 mm
  • Flare (drop section): 7°
  • Backsweep (top section): 3°
  • Steerer diameter: 1-1/8"
  • Finish: UD matte and glossy
  • Internal Cable Routing: Electronic and Disc Brake systems only
  • External Cable Routing: n/a
  • Accessories included: Black Inc Computer Mount - V10 (Compatible with both Wahoo and Garmin computers)
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