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RACING Mini Pack Handlebar bag

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This handlebar bag is designed for ultra racing! It makes perfect use of the space on the handlebars, even if you use a riser. And allows easy, quick access even while riding.

The large compartment has enough space for large items such as a bivy sack, change of pants snacks or small electronic devices. It can be opened and closed with one hand and has a cover that protects the contents from rain. The bag also has a small elastic lid compartment for the spot tracker.

The bag is also made Hexalen, an extra-light material developed for Apidura. It is secured with reinforced Velcro straps and also fits on handlebars with hangers, as evidenced by the product photos.

  • Capacity: 2,5L
  • Weight: 160g
  • Dimensions: Height: 14cm (H1) Width: 22.5cm (L2)Depth: 7.5cm
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