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Seton - Men's jersey - Black

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You know what it's like: when you set off, you're still cold, but after the first start you're sweating. The climb out of the sea of fog into the winter sun is exhausting and sweaty, even with the handbrake on. But as you roll across the plateau, you're already shivering. So get dressed, get undressed, get dressed, ... and so on, and so on.

So, "Why isn't there a garment that allows so much air circulation that I don't sweat right away, and on another occasion, keeps out so much wind from driving that I don't shiver right away?"

As of a few days ago, there is! 7mesh, with their wealth of outdoor experience, have developed their own fabric that keeps body heat in and wind out, while allowing a minimum amount of air circulation, which makes for a comfortable body climate. They call it WTV: Wind, Thermal, Ventilation. It works thanks to a tightly woven outer fabric and an airy, fluffy interior that keeps the warmth with you but allows vapor to escape and fresh air in through clever construction.

Even if the exact design details are not revealed: It works incredibly well in the temperature spectrum of about 0°C - 10°C. The closer to the body, the better. We at VELETAGE have tested it. And are convinced!

In addition, the Seton Jersey has an excellent, very close to the body cut, which has been optimized for the position on the bike. At the back, it has three generous anything pockets that load outward, not downward. And at the front a full-length zipper that can be easily operated even with gloves.

  • Material: 57% Polyester, 34% Recycled Polyester, 9% Elastane
  • Weight: 320g
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